Not everyone who doesn’t like Congress, hates it. But when they speak against corruption or inaction against any long pending issue or dynasty politics, one can laugh at them, but rarely we get angry at them. But when they take on the common nemesis AAP, even on any corruption issue, I enjoy it. Everyone who doesn’t like AAP, hates them. And that is not even the rest of the AAPtards’ fault. The rest of the AAPtards who hate AAP, hate them not just for Kujli or his party members or any of their ideologies or performances so far (that doesn’t exist anyways), but mainly for their fans aka AAPtards. And they live up to that name happily and knowingly.

The best abusers (in the social media especially) have to be the AAPtards. Their second response to any political conversation will be off the topic and an abuse at you personally. The conversation need not be even anything related to AAP, but the outcome is the same. They know to respond the same way, as being taught by their leaders. Even hardcore Congress fans enjoy a joke on their leaders and party. Even Modi fans (including me) enjoy a joke or a troll on Modi or BJP, even if it is self-damaging. I am yet to see one AAPtard who enjoys or shares a joke on their leader and party members. Or simply they don’t understand the joke at all. They have no(n)sense of humor. Having been in social media all these days, I see that the funniest jokes in the social media are on Kujli. AAPtards find it difficult to ignore such trolls. They find it compulsive to respond and respond abusively. They need to have the last say in any conversation, however, stupid their argument is. They defy logic every time. They cannot even differentiate a joke, a troll, a satire from a scathing attack, despite the number of smileys you add. Everything against AAP is a personal attack on them. They need to win the scuffle and they know only one way to it. And they enjoy the mud happily.

All the party fans like their party because they have been associated with that party for a long time or they like the leader or their ideologies. Applies to BJP, Congress, Commies, and every regional party. But AAPtards believe in AAP and Kujli because they don’t like Modi. AAPtards will support anyone who is against Modi, even a terrorist organization. Such is the hatred ness for a man. Kujli knows it and feeds them well by blaming his inability every time on Modi. Otherwise, there is no reason for anyone to support a party that has failed in being the ‘We are not like any other Party’.

AAPtards also play the role of the best standup comedians when they say Kujli is the messiah, or he is a man of Hamam + Reynolds + Kujli (God) promise honesty, or their arrested MLAs are innocent (despite half of them accepting their crimes), or BJP changed the constitution overnight to strip off the power from the Delhi CM.

And finally, when they say Kujli is still in Delhi and working for the betterment of it, I believe them 100%. Because that saves me from die laughing.

Suresh Kumar